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At RedHill, your quality of life comes first. Based out of San Paro, RedHill was founded by the people of this beautiful city and for the people of this city. Our world class engineers, scientists, and strategists provide unmatched results to all sectors, public, private, and government alike.

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We make great stuff; stuff that will be used to do great things like making San Paro's streets safer.

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Whether we are combating illnesses or healing the wounds that are prevalent in the streets, RedHill's powerful technology delivers.

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Created by the people, for the people, RedHill continues to shepherd the community to a greater future.

News About RedHill

After a recent experience with the crime that takes place in San Paro, RedHill and the San Paro government have teamed up to help bolster security in the city.

"We should have expected that criminals would take advantage of what we are trying to bring to San Paro" said a public spokesperson. "We are simply trying to combat this street-level war with opportunities for the people, such as jobs, better medicine, and community service. Regardless of what happens, we will continue to give to San Paro, and that is a promise. The city and its citizens deserve it."

RedHill Institute of Technology has established a private government contract to help alleviate the stress that has strained San Paro public services for the past 10 years.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on bringing more modern technology to the city in the areas of medicine, security, and other sectors as well.

RedHill at this time is not stating any specifics surrounding their roadmap for the near future but plans to use its newsletter service to communicate to citizens about any breaking news.

A RedHill scientist was reported missing over the weekend, leaving the company and its employees 'devastated'.

A. Partridge was expected to arrive home Saturday evening after an extended business trip in Canada earlier this month but never arrived at San Paro Airport Sunday evening.

A friend who was supposed to meet Partridge at the airport that evening became concerned when she did not show up at their agreed meeting point and was unable to contact her for several hours after her arrival time.

A. Partridge was an accomplished researcher with a focus on vaccine development and microbiome research. Partridge was known for their exceptional leadership qualities and had a lengthy resume under their belt which put them at the top of RedHill's most brilliant scientists.

Local officials have dubbed the disappearance a mystery and are conducting ground searches, but have vocalized that they do not feel that anything 'suspicious' has happened.

"People decide to, you know, 'start over' all the time." said one SPPD officer, "They get tired of their job, the violence in the city, their nagging wives and screaming children... Instead of cleaning the garage like they've been asked to - they make plans to just up and leave. It's totally normal."

Police did not have to look very hard to find the criminals responsible for the early morning break-in of a RedHill research lab last Thursday.

Two men and one young woman were found 'flapping, screaming, and running hysterically' down the street from their crashed vehicle around 4:30am on Thursday morning by two officers doing routine patrols of the area. Police suspect that the box that the trio stole from the lab was opened in the car, which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle as the bees started attacking them. All three criminals were admitted to the John Holland University Hospital, which is in partnership with RedHill Institute of Technology, for a collective 400 stings.

"Don't take what doesn't belong to you," a RedHill employee stated, after finding out their lab had been broken into. "It can come back to sting you in the ass. Literally. Now I have to dig graves for all the bees that did not survive the incident. You cannot begin to understand the immense amount of grief and suffering I am going to endure as I personally dig all 53 graves for the recovered bodies.... Then there are 447 more that are still missing.... They are going to take forever to recover... Have you ever had to tell two bees apart? I will likely have to come back with double the bees and interview them personally."

All three suspects were not available for commentary.

Last week, the RedHill site experienced a breach in security when its site was hacked, preventing the general public from accessing it.

"We have stabilized things for now. They even prevented us from going into maintenance mode for the main site. Thankfully our employee database was not affected. They weren't smart enough to get in there," said a very optimistic RedHill cybersecurity intern.

The site, now back up and running, will allow employees to remotely access their emails again - leaving little excuse for "not seeing that email."

RedHill hosted several dental health fairs over the last couple of weekends at local community centers to help bring care and education to the local population.

"We know this isn't Effigy Magazine material or anything, but it is important", C.Pritcher, a RedHill employee shared. "Plus, a healthy smile is probably one of the most attractive features any wannabe celebrity should want anyway. If it looks like your teeth are throwing up gang signs, it is time to see a dentist. Haha."

The health fair invited local dentists to volunteer time alongside the company's own dental staff on Saturday and Sunday to give free checkups and pro-bono work.

RedHill's charity "An Eye for a Tooth" has also announced that it will be able to assist at-risk youth get the care that they need on an ongoing basis; assisting in lowering the costs of checkups, and orthodontic work, including braces.

Free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss were passed out to attendees among other information pamphlets. A quick survey taken at the event revealed that this dental fair could not have come any sooner. A reported 50% of attendees admitted that they do not floss every day and an estimated additional 40% lied about flossing on a semi-regular basis. Only 10% of attendees could confirm that they do floss, and that percentage makes up the number of dental professionals attending.

RedHill's continuing dedication to clean up the decay in San Paro is certainly something to smile about.

After Monday's ribbon cutting ceremony, RedHill's three newest manufacturing plants have begun to hum to life with the footsteps of employees, the whirring of machines, and the sound of vehicles coming and going from the factory loading bays.

A spokesman for RedHill released this statement:

"We are proud to be contributing to the success and overall wealth of the City of San Paro by bringing new industries to its shores. After taking into account what we have seen and heard from the residents of this fine city, each of the factories that have been brought to life today is representative of what we feel are the key ways to helping this city get back on track. We know that it may feel like we are everywhere, and that is true, but our passion is making these lands ripe with opportunity and prosperity for all residents is our guiding light. Technology as a whole, Logistics, and Manufacturing have been the specific areas that we have begun to direct our focus, and we look forward to expanding on the details of the future very soon.

We do ask for patience from nearby communities as we do expect a lot of hustle and bustle to create increased traffic and noise pollution. As you guys now know, we are under a pressing deadline to manufacture enough flu vaccines to hand out to the local hospitals so we can stop other San Paroites from falling ill.

Now let's get to business, San Paro."

RedHill plans to announce its projects in the near future in a series of press conferences, but no specific details have been released just yet.

RedHill scientists confirmed late last week that the virus that had taken two lives of John Holland University students is a new strain of influenza. Within days of the announcement, RedHill's scientists had a solution to the virus and took their research straight to the top courts to push for an emergency override to standard testing protocols (which would have kept the vaccine in testing for years).

"We are pleased to be working with RedHill in what could be San Paro's largest medical crisis in years. We are lucky to have such bright and compassionate leadership walk our streets again" the court announced after giving the company a green light to begin distributing the inoculation to participating hospitals and clinics. "They have shown evidence that the inoculation is safe for use based on the identical chemicals used in vaccines for other influenza strains."

The decision to override the standard testing protocols came when an overwhelming 70% of faculty and students reported that they had symptoms of the deadly flu strain. John Holland students and faculty began attending voluntary shot clinics last week after a press release detailing the symptoms of the mysterious strain caused a bit of a stir on campus.

"After reading that press release, I started wondering if I got infected or something" one university student said, "The kid who got sick died was in the class down the hall from mine and like, I don't know if we touched each other in the hallway or if he breathed on me when walking by. But like, when I looked at my calendar and saw that my period was late, I knew it was time to get my flu shot when they announced that they had a cure. I am so glad RedHill is filled with smart people. I feel so much safer knowing that I'm safe from those germs. Now I am just waiting for my period to come back!"

So far, there have been no more reports of influenza-related deaths in San Paro's hospitals, but medical services have reported a large influx of citizens seeking non-emergency medical care - likely in relation the symptoms described in the last press-release.

RedHill does expect that there will be delays in shipping due to the influx demand for the vaccine but remains positive that they will be able to service anyone who wants the vaccine as soon as possible.

After a brief legal battle, the San Paro Court system has ruled in favor of RedHill Institute of Technology after a mass workers comp suit was filed against the company.

In its ruling, the Court looked at a case involving 27 employees. Nearly all claimants were injured during a work incident during the construction of the underground sewage system at the RedHill Headquarters last month when structural issues caused a partial collapse to the sewage tunnel that was being renovated. Part of the renovation includes a filtration system that is focused on creating a greener San Paro and would cut down on any potentially harmful chemicals from entering the San Paro ecosystem and waterways. After review by third-party companies, the jury felt that RedHill was not liable for damages, but rather the workers were "at fault" after it was discovered that nearly all employees involved failed to pass drug tests when taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

An attorney representing RedHill said this after court Friday evening,

"It truly is a shame that San Paro is inflicted with such widespread drug use. At this time we are investigating how nearly 30 workers were hired and passed pre-screening drug tests. We at RedHill believe in our family, though, and despite the neglect that was shown on each individual employees behalf, we will stand by our family and support them as they go through rehabilitative services, and they will be welcome back into our workforce once they are ready".

St Medina's Hospital has reported two deaths after encountering an unknown virus that has left the local medical community scrambling for answers. Both patients were students of the local university when they contracted the illness. It is not known how the virus is transmitted at this point in time, but Student Health Services recommends that students exercise extreme precaution against congregating in large crowds or around those that you suspect may be ill.

RedHill Institute of Technology, who was recently partnered with the University and had taken over student health services, released the following statement:

"We ask everyone to remain calm and continue their regular schedule which includes attending classes.

At this point in time we are able to offer and encourage students to get their annual vaccinations that may assist against falling ill. For the remainder of the semester, express shot clinics will be available to all students and faculty on campus. You will receive an email from Student Health Services within the week with personalized recommended appointment times based on your current school and work schedules."

With that public statement, they stated that they have already begun working on a solution to the virus and have identified the virus to be in the influenza family. Among the usual flu-like symptoms that carriers may have are the following:

  • Excessive breathing
  • Headaches lasting in excess of 30 minutes
  • Cloudy memory
  • Dehydration
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Unexplainable Shivering
  • Exhaustion
  • Cold Mouth
  • Eye Pressure
  • A sudden aversion of heights

If you or any of your loved ones feel that you have these symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor or visit the University campus for free medical care, which is being provided by RedHill outreach programs.

John Holland University and RedHill Institute of Technology has announced a strategic partnership to help advance the school’s commitment to public service and experience-based learning. Through a combination of patient care, research, and education, the goal is to create a front-line approach to healthcare. The combination of RedHill's cutting edge technology and the University Health System will deliver leading-edge patient care through the region’s best doctors. With this initiative, patients can participate in clinical trials and benefit from the latest developments fast-tracked from the laboratory to the bedside.

RedHill has made a $20m annual commitment towards the University hospital which would allow the hospital to continue to expand its services for the general public, with an emphasis on low-income populations. The joint venture hospital will provide RedHill Institute of Technology and the University with increased areas for clinical research and employment opportunities for both graduates and the faculty.

The first department to see funding will be Student Health Services to provide students with high-quality medical care and health education to support collegiate success and sustained wellness.

RedHill is proud to sponsor the local community hospital and will continue to look for ways to partner with the university to aid students and the surrounding communities.

San Paro is on the cusp of becoming one of the most influential technology leaders in the world with a host of accomplished researchers, scientists, engineers, and medical professionals joining the fast-growing company of RedHill.

The staffing effort has been a massive undertaking for the well-funded startup company and they are expecting to fill over 2,000 jobs in the next 2 years, promising a substantial boost to the local economy.

RedHill Institute of Technology has shown a deep commitment to San Paro by creating new non-profit community outreach programs.

At a recent press conference, RedHill representatives had said "An active commitment to the community gives RedHill the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. The violence that has taken over this fine city has lead to large portions of our population not getting the assistance they need in the most critical moments, and that is just wrong. Escaping from poverty takes hard work, vision, planning, and a comprehensive gathering of needed supports. This issue has to be addressed and RedHill is in the position to help lift this community up to a better future"

Programs that are currently in development will pay special attention to decreasing violence, bridging the division between individual communities, and providing services such as health services for at-risk youth in primary schools and afterschool programs.

Another program, in partnership with the local penitentiary, will give inmates a chance to finish their education, get better mental health counseling, and put them on track for reentering society with employment opportunities.

RedHill Careers

We pride ourselves on attracting, developing and engaging an unconventional mix of talent that enables us to think different, act different, and deliver above average results.

Current Openings

Litigation Attorney
San Paro HQ

Candidates should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills with experience in state and federal courts with the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Frequent court appearances are necessary. A successful attorney should be detail oriented, have the ability to multi-task effectively, and possess a desire to learn and grow in a very active position. This is an exceptional opportunity for someone who wants to take their career to the next level with complex, commercial litigation along with some exposure to transactional and corporate work.

Business Development
San Paro HQ

We are looking for a highly qualified individual who can think outside the box, execute on messaging, focus on building relationships, do client follow-ups, acquire and deepen small business relationships through face-to-face meetings, and is comfortable with internet communications. The ideal candidate will possess outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, professional work ethics, strong problem-solving and multitasking abilities.

First Officer - Pilot
San Paro HQ

Candidates applying for this position should be licensed and knowledgeable in small aircraft flight operations domestically and internationally with over 5000 miles logged. Responsibilities include aircraft inspections to make sure aircraft is worthy of flight and on-call flight services for executives. Further responsibilities include ensuring that all flight crew are trained to handle emergency situations and proper preparation of flight plans while considering factors such as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, and navigational systems.

Civil Engineer
San Paro HQ

This position will require the ability to gather field information, perform inspections, document job sites, review weather data, and other items to design and compile plan sets for construction. Responsibilities also include determining the cause/origin of structural failures and construction defects. They will also be responsible for evaluating design and field engineering changes during construction to ensure quality and adherence to specifications as well as perform related duties as assigned.